Light Efficient Design’s Recessed / PAR LED retrofits have been designed specifically for use in recessed can and flood fixtures. Our innovative designs deliver unsurpassed lumen output and are easy to install. Save up to 80% in energy and labor over existing HID technology. Advanced Active Cooling technology delivers consistently higher LED efficacy and longer life when placed within enclosed fixtures.

Recessed / PAR Retrofit Lamps – Ballast Bypass, Internal Driver, Series 1

  • Available in 30W and 50W LED models replacing up to 175W.
  • Choice of 2700K, 4200K or 5000K/5700K
  • Safety rated and heat tested within fully enclosed fixtures from -40 to +122F ambient temperatures.
  • UL Listed 1993 and UL Classified 1598C (retrofitted fixture retains UL, E39 models only) within USA and Canada.

Recessed Can Retrofit Lamp - Ballast Bypass, Internal Driver | Light Efficient Design