The RemPhos LIVC fixtures are great for stairwells, corridors and ceilings. Eliminate ordering and stocking multiple wattages and color temperatures with the RemPhos LED Panel. Product offeres 12 SKUs in 1 unit which can easily be configered to 4 different wattage packages and 3 different color temperature. Save on labor costs by having us factory pre-set the wattage and color temperature to fit your project needs. Comes with 92% high transmission HD lens.

Stairwell, Corridor and Ceiling Lighting

  • Versatile 2', 3', and 4' models
  • Extra wide 6in width to cover old paint scars
  • FlexWatt+FlexColor Technology
  • High frequency radar OCC sensor available for bi-level/custom dimming
  • 100,000 hour LED Life / 10 Year Warranty

LIVC | Light Efficient Design