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Special Projects For:

  • Municipalities
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Government



RemPhos by Light Efficient Design has years of experience working on BAA/TAA projects. There is no other lighting manufacturer in the industry that has the combination of experience and innovation in BAA/TAA lighting that we do!


Recent BAA Projects:

  • ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, ALABAMA - Over 3,000 LED High Bay Fixtures (LEDHB)
  • HILL AIR FORCE BASE, UTAH - Over 120,000 linear LED retrofit kits (LEDBARKIT)
  • USPS CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MARYLAND - Over 2,500 LED high bay fixtures (LEDHB)
  • DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR, WASHINGTON DC - Over 5,000 LED drum and sconce retrofit kits (LEDCR/LEDSR)
  • BARSTOW MARINE CORPS BASE, CALIFORNIA - Over 10,000 LED parking lot fixtures (LEDAL G2) and linear retrofit kits (LEDBARKIT)
  • VETERANS HOSPITALS (VA), ALL ACROSS THE USA - Over 100,000 linear LED retrofit kits (LEDBARIT)


Customization Capabilities

Our Middleton Innovation and Manufacturing Center features a 6,000 sq ft. Production Floor and a 15,000 sq ft. Warehouse. 500 lamps, retrofit kits and/or fixtures can be produced per day.


Special Projects Team

Trust our Special Projects Team to provide skilled assistance from start to finish on your BAA or large projects. An individual team member is assigned to your sales order allowing a single relationship with the distributor and the install contractor to ensure we execute all instructions – from custom production to how we package material. Known inhouse as creative geniuses, their awesome ways focus on super-efficient planning; your project is complete and delivered on time.